The Walking Dead S07E02 Review: The Well


ezekiel-shiva-the-walking-dead-the-wellAfter a gruesome season opener, The Walking Dead allows viewers a moment of hope. In Season 7 Episode 2, “The Well,” we’re introduced to a new community called the Kingdom. Since the onset of the zombie apocalypse we’ve seen a handful of communities that have managed to survive for a time, including Woodbury, Terminus, Grandy Memorial Hospital, Alexandria, and the Hilltop, but the Kingdom is far more prosperous than anything we’ve seen before. At first glance, the Kingdom appears to be a bountiful and secure society, but Carol’s experience with new groups leaves her suspicious and she describes it as a “fairy tale.”

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The Walking Dead S07E01 Review: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be


negan-lucille-the-walking-dead-the-day-will-comeAt the end of last season, The Walking Dead viewers were left wondering about the identity of Negan’s batting victim. There was much discontent among viewers who felt shortchanged by the season finale cliffhanger, particularly after all the dumpster hubbub earlier in the season. When asked what the deal was, showrunner Scott Gimple assured audiences that the Season 7 premiere would be worth the wait. Continue reading

Letter to The Walking Dead: What’s the Deal with Last Day on Earth?


Dear Walking Dead medDear Walking Dead,

We just watched The Walking Dead Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth.” And we’re feeling more than a little frustrated with your shenanigans. Did we like the episode? Sure. Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan have an amazing entrance? Well, that goes without saying. Did we love seeing Morgan and Carol being rescued by the chivalrous padding-clad horseman? Without a doubt. Then, why are we feeling so down? You know why. You left us hanging with a cliffhanger. Again. Like you always do.

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The Walking Dead S06E08 Review: Start to Finish


Michonne The Walking Dead Start to FinishThe Walking Dead gives us an exciting mid-season finale in “Start to Finish.” As the walkers invade Alexandria, everyone panics and hides. As well as dealing with the incursion of walkers, internal conflicts begin to flare up, putting everyone at greater risk. In “Start to Finish” we lose Deanna, and who knows how many nameless Alexandrians?

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The Walking Dead S05E15 Recap: Try


Enid Carl in Tree The Walking Dead Try

Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, “Try,” finds Alexandria at a crossroads. With the deaths of Aiden and Noah in the previous episode, “Spend,” loss and uncertainty reign. The Monroe family is mourning the loss of Aiden. Deanna puts on Aiden’s “Run Mix” and listens to Nine Inch Nails until Reg can’t take it any more. Carol makes a casserole for the family, which she leaves at their door. Deanna doesn’t seem interested in their casseroles or their condolences. Rick, Michonne, Sasha and the others are also mourning the loss of Noah, each in their own ways. In The Walking Dead, death is never as straightforward as a simple loss. In “Try” the deaths of Noah and Aiden have raised a lot of questions for both Rick’s group and the people of Alexandria.

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