Teen Wolf S05E08 Recap: Ouroboros


Skeleton Teen Wolf OuroborosWith “Ouroboros,” we’re just starting to put together some of the pieces of Teen Wolf’s Season 5 mystery. It’s a slow process that leaves us scared and confused, like the chimera creations of the Dread Doctors. Dr. Deaton, who took off to find answers in “Condition Terminal,” seems to be having better luck than us in figuring out what’s going on, and somehow the Desert Wolf is bound to play a part. Scott is desperate to rescue his friends, well Liam anyways, giving Theo a chance to play the part of the hero and strengthen his connection to the pack. While everything is falling apart, Sheriff Stalinski has decided to play good cop, much to the annoyance of the other adults in the supernatural secret club. “Ouroboros” gives us little respite from the Teen Wolf death count, but the good news is that the people we actually care about, and Hayden, survive.

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