Teen Wolf S05E03 Recap: Dreamcatchers


Teen Wolf Season 5 episode 3 Dreamcatchers

In episode 3 of Teen Wolf we can’t help but wonder, “Who doesn’t know about the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills?” After “Dreamcatchers,” not only do Liam’s best friend and worst enemy both know something’s up, but the entire Sheriff’s department and Lydia’s mom also learn that things are not what they seem. What’s the percentage of Beacon Hills residents with creature features? The Season 4 deadpool may have reduced the numbers, but the Dread Doctors seem determined to raise the count back up through their horrifying experimentation. In “Dreamcatchers,” we learn that their experiments are quickly discarded when the Dread Doctors feel they have outlived their purpose, though its not clear what that purpose may be.

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