Game of Thrones S06E10 Review: The Winds of Winter

High Sept Game of Thrones The Winds of Winter

Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones) is ready to confess

Game of Thrones gives us one of their best season finales with “The Winds of Winter.” If you are like us and assumed after such an amazing episode in “Battle of the Bastards” you were bound to be disappointed, “The Winds of Winter” probably turned out to be a pretty great surprise. The key to life is low expectations. “The Winds of Winter” resolves several Game of Thrones storylines while giving us a couple of fun surprises. Continue reading

Lily Dale Assembly: How the World’s Largest Spiritualist Center Came to Be


Lily Dale signHave you ever sought spiritual guidance? Desired to receive the wisdom and reassurance of those who have passed to the afterlife? Lily Dale Assembly in Western New York creates a beautiful setting for those seeking connection with the spirit world. As the world’s largest spiritualist community, Lily Dale is a site of historical, cultural, and spiritual significance.

Continue reading

Game of Thrones S06E09 Review: Battle of the Bastards

Ramsay Bolton army Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards

Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) leads his troop into battle

In “Battle of the Bastards,” Game of Thrones gives us the epic battle scenes we’ve been waiting for, along with a very satisfying ending. The focus on the battle for Winterfell and the siege in Meereen allows the viewer to experience the bloody nature of war along with the satisfaction that comes with victory. Even if the buildup leading to these battles left something to be desired, “Battle of the Bastards” was all we hoped for and more. Continue reading

Game of Thrones S06E07 Review: The Broken Man


Bannerhood of Brothers Game of Thrones The Broken ManNo one said redemption was easy. In “The Broken Man,” Game of Thrones shows us people can change, but the road is difficult and, in some cases, lethal. Who is the broken man? The bigger question would be who isn’t broken? And amongst those broken, how many have found a way to re-create themselves? In “The Broken Man” battle lines are being drawn amongst a chessboard of evolving characters, as Season 6 of Game of Thrones heads towards its final three episodes. Continue reading

Honolulu Supernatural Con: 5 Things to Know Before SPNHon 2017


Bobby in Heaven Supernatural Inside Man

Coming to sunny Honolulu for the Supernatural convention November 17–19, 2017? The fun of a Supernatural convention at the beautiful Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Perhaps it depends on your individualized version of Heaven. Creation Entertainment has scheduled a Salute to Supernatural convention in Hawaiʻi for the first time, so there’s a lot to be excited about. Tickets have already gone on sale. Don’t wait, because as Lucifer warned us, “He who hesitates, disintegrates.” Continue reading