Monster of the Week: Spring-heeled Jack


A Spring-heeled Jack penny dreadful cover

Spring-heeled Jack, “the Terror of London,” is a well-known monstrous villain of Victorian urban legend. Though generally human in appearance, Spring-heeled Jack is said to have demonic characteristics such as bulbous glowing eyes, long, sharp claws of metal, and sometimes even horns. He was often seen in England and Scotland in a bat-like, black winged cloak and a tight suit of black and white oilskin, not unlike a twentieth-century comic book character’s costume. Reports of Spring-heeled Jack speaking, or indeed making any sound, are rare, and it is possible he is mute, though there have been reports of victims hearing fiendish laughter. Another unnatural characteristic commonly attributed to Jack is his ability to spit blue flame. Spring-heeled Jack’s most famous attribute, though, is his ability to escape capture by leaping over tall gates and walls.

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The Walking Dead S06E13 Recap: The Same Boat


Carol Maggie burn The Walking Dead The Same BoatIn “The Same Boat,” The Walking Dead focuses on Maggie and Carol after they’ve been captured by a group of Saviors.  The episode was dominated by powerful female characters. Maggie and Carol find themselves facing women quite similar to themselves, but who took a darker, more violent path than their own. Both Melissa McBride and Lauren Cohan gave outstanding performances that showcase their characters’ strength and emotional vulnerability.

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Teen Wolf S05E20 Recap: Apotheosis


Hellhound Parrish the Beast Teen Wolf Apotheosis.jpegIn the Season 5 finale of Teen Wolf, “Apotheosis,” we learn that Teen Wolf was holding out on us all season long. Apparently there’s nothing quite so rewarding for a writer as deceiving your audience. Despite their trickery, “Apotheosis” brought everything together and managed to kill off some of the villains we hated, as well as the villains we actually liked. There’s a lot going on in this season finale, with the Beast being hunted, the Surgeon getting unmasked, Malia having a showdown with her mom, and Theo amping up his E.Q. (evil quotient) to well past eleven. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S06E12 Recap: Not Tomorrow Yet

Carol Peletier The Walking Dead Not Tomorrow Yet

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) is a warrior with a conscience

In “Not Tomorrow Yet,” the attack on the Saviors is discussed, planned, and carried out. The moral quandary of killing other humans hangs heavy throughout the episode. The assault is not without its complications, and the capture of Maggie and Carol throws a wrench into what had initially appeared to be a very successful attack. In “Not Tomorrow Yet,” The Walking Dead gives us an action-packed episode that also manages to be very emotional and thought-provoking. Continue reading

Random Acts organizes its Annual Melee of Kindness


AMOKPeople are running amok with kindness this weekend. March 5 and 6 is the Annual Melee of Kindness, during which hundreds of participants around the world will make the day a little brighter for someone else. Random Acts, the non-profit organization founded by Misha Collins that aims to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time, started the Annual Melee of Kindness in 2012. The number of participants, the variety of acts, and the hours of charity donated have increased every year as more and more people are inspired to make a difference. Continue reading

Teen Wolf S05E19 Recap: The Beast of Beacon Hills


Mason Teen Wolf The Beast of Beacon Hills“The Beast of Beacon Hills” brings everyone together in unexpected ways. Everybody, and we mean everybody, wants to find poor Beastly Mason. Some want to help him, some want to take his power, and some want to pump him full of lead. Mason is not having a good day. Teen Wolf has been using Dr. Valack and then Deucalion, as well as Gerard Argent, as voices of experience and knowledge. Yet with the old tales told, the usefulness of these characters is coming to an end. Let’s hope soon. Continue reading