The Walking Dead S06E09 News and Photos: No Way Out

Daryl DIxon Norman Reedus CU The Walking Dead No Way OutThe Season 6 mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead is titled “No Way Out.” It follows the breach of Alexandria by a massive walker herd in “Start to Finish.” At the end of that episode we got a  preview of “No Way Out,”  showing Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham being intercepted by a group on motorcycles.

According to showrunner Scott Gimple in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, viewers can expect the midseason premiere to be quite deadly. He described it as “one of the most intense episodes we’ve done.” Gimple noted that the second half of Season 6 will be very different from the first half of the season, both in terms of tone and character line-up. He described it as a different type of storytelling:

“I believe this first half of season was structurally just focusing on certain characters and their internal journey a lot of the time. The externals really take over in the second half of the season. It takes a very different vibe and for this part of the story, the plot takes over a little harder — which is different thing than what I’ve done on the show before.”

Start to Finish” ended with a cliffhanger scene straight out of Robert Kirkman’s comic series. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the comic character Negan, creating a lot of excitement amongst comic readers. Gimple promises more moments pulled from the comic books during Season 6:

“There are a lot of direct moments from the comic coming up in the second half and panels that we’re bringing to life — from very big comic moments to really tiny comic moments. Things that are not gigantic and dramatic but just little moments from the comic that all add up to some big moments.”

Viewers can expect some interesting moments in Season 6 of The Walking Dead:

“The second half is very cumulative. Within that, there is one of the weirdest episodes we’ve ever done because it’s one of the amazingly enough more light-hearted episodes, which was terrifying on my side.”

“No Way Out” will air on February 14, 2016 at 9/8c on AMC.

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