Wayward Pines S01E04 Recap: One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire


Ben Theresa Mrs Fisher Wayward Pines RealtorThe banality of the title of the 4th episode of Wayward Pines, “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire,” belies the strangeness of the town. In Wayward Pines violence may be framed with coded words, but it walks undisguised amongst the townspeople. Sheriff Pope’s haunting warning to Ethan in “Our Town, Our Law”—“You think you want to know the truth, but you don’t. It’s worse than anything you could even imagine”—and the revelation that some kind of frightening creatures live beyond the wall, deepens the mystery that surrounds Wayward Pines. In “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire” the Burke family tries to fit into the Wayward Pines community.

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