The Walking Dead S06E14 Recap: Twice as Far


Abraham Eugene The Walking Dead Twice as FarThe burden of the past weighs heavy on some in Alexandria, while others seek to start anew. In “Twice as Far,” Carol continues to think about the lives she’s already taken and whether she can continue as she has. Carol isn’t the only one struggling with past choices, as Daryl finds that no good deed goes unpunished. While these two warriors meditate on the consequences of their actions, Eugene and Denise seek to prove to themselves and others that they are also survivors. The Walking Dead packs a lot into “Twice as Far,” showing us how the characters we have grown to care about have been altered by internal and external forces. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S06E14 Review: Twice as Far


Carol Daryl The Walking Dead Twice as FarIn “Twice as Far,” The Walking Dead reminds us that you can never escape your past, but you can try to shape your own future. Daryl faces the consequences of his earlier choices, while Carol struggles to live with who she’s become. Rosita and Abraham find themselves in transition, while Eugene and Denise consciously strive to evolve. “Twice as Far” feels like a thoughtful character study with a slow pace, up until the end when it smacks us in the face. The Walking Dead continues to balance thoughtful character-driven scenes and gripping action sequences, along with occasional moments of humor and warmth.

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