Supernatural S10E22 Recap: The Prisoner


Dean Sam watch pyre Supernatural The PrisonerSupernatural’s penultimate episode of Season 10, “The Prisoner,” finds the Winchesters saying goodbye to another family member—Charlie Bradbury. Sam Winchester’s desperation to keep the Mark of Cain from turning his brother Dean back into a demon has backfired in more ways than one. Not only is Charlie gone, her death has only pushed Dean further towards an angry, dark, violent, cruel, and vengeful version of himself. Dean has yet to revert to Demon Dean, but it feels like he’s well on his way. All hope is not lost in the world of Supernatural, but it’s hard to imagine how things can get better.

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Supernatural S10E21 Recap: Dark Dynasty


ps Rowena Cas Charlie Supernatural Duck DynastyThe 21st episode of Season 10 of Supernatural, “Dark Dynasty,” lives up to its name. Heed our warning—“Dark Dynasty” is full of gore, lies, and heartbreak. On the fun side, we get a cool literary reference and new monster lore. Not that it makes up for the extremely distressing ending. We don’t normally warn about spoilers because if something is called a “recap” the spoiler aspect is pretty much implied, but here we will warn you: watch the episode, have yourself a good cry, then come back and read this recap.

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