Game of Thrones S05E04 Recap: Sons of the Harpy


Sandsnakes Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy

In “Sons of the Harpy,” Game of Thrones reminds us that power can be attained, or lost, in different ways. Cersei Lannister builds alliances, Melisandre tries to use persuasion, and Jorah Mormont uses brute force. Characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are still struggling with how to consolidate power in order to meet the diverse and oppositional forces at work in their domains. “Sons of the Harpy” shows us some interesting personal connections at work, but emphasizes the role of political influence.

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Game of Thrones S05E03 Recap: High Sparrow


Arya Needle Game of Thrones High Sparrow

Game of Thrones sometimes gives us explosive conflict that takes our breath away. Other times it shows us the slow process of building influence and establishing a position, similar to a game of chess. “High Sparrow” has the feel a chess game, as many of our characters have charted new paths in the ever-changing landscape of Game of Thrones.

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