Constantine S01E11 Recap: A Whole World Out There


JC & Ritchie on campusThis week’s episode of Constantine marks the return of Ritchie Simpson, when some of Ritchie’s university students find themselves in another dimension with a homicidal scientist. Ritchie only appears a few times in the first dozen or so issues of Hellblazer, and the TV show version is turning out to be perhaps more interesting than the book character. We really enjoy Jeremy Davies’ portrayal of the tech-minded, pill-popping Ivy University professor with an apparent fondness for John Lydon (and Constantine’s own old punk band, Mucous Membrane). We also like it when Chas and Zed are elsewhere once in a while—John Constantine is not meant to have sidekicks. In the weekly one-line explanation of where missing members of the Constan-team are, we’re told that following the events of last week, Zed is on bed rest and Chas is off bonding with his family.

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