Game of Thrones S05E09 Recap: The Dance of Dragons


Davos Shireen Game of Thrones Dance of DragonsGame of Thrones “The Dance of Dragons” follows “Hardhome,” one of the best episodes in the series. Jon Snow has forged an alliance with the Free Folk built out of desperation and fear of a common enemy. On the other hand, the shared hopes of Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister have brought them together with the goal of creating a better future. The status of King’s Landing remains a question that is further complicated by Jaime Lannister’s imprisonment in Dorne. The conflict between the Boltons at Winterfell and Stannis Baratheon’s army will decide the fate of the North, at least for now. The Stark sisters are on very different paths, but both are fueled by survival instincts and a desire for vengeance. “The Dance of Dragons” shows us that Game of Thrones continues to excel at suspenseful, emotionally-driven storytelling.

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