The Walking Dead S06E15 Recap: East


Rosita Daryl Glenn Michonne The Walking Dead East“East” takes us on a journey through the fields and woods outside of Alexandria as The Walking Dead provides continued conflict with the Saviors. As Morgan tells Rick, “You started something.” The Saviors aren’t going to take the attack on their compound lying down, and they’re closing in on Alexandria. The Walking Dead shows us that while inside Alexandria residents may find moments of safety and joy within the relationships they’ve built, life outside the walled community is still the Wild West, putting everything they have created in danger.

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The Walking Dead S06E15 Review: East


Carol The Walking Dead East“East” begins with moments of quiet connection, but ends with a bang. After Carol’s showdown on the road, we see scenes of Rick and Morgan tracking Carol through the fields intercut with the story of Daryl’s conflict with Dwight. The Walking Dead builds the suspense for the Season 6 finale by putting several characters in jeopardy while leaving Alexandria at risk for attack.

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