Teen Wolf S05E02 Recap: Parasomnia


Tracey scared school Teen Wolf ParasomniaSeason 5 of Teen Wolf is going for that horror film vibe. We saw it in the first episode, “Creatures of the Night,” with Lydia at the very gothic Eichen House. In the second episode, “Parasominia,” we get a spooky dream sequence involving a raven. The anticipatory hype about the Dread Doctors seems well-deserved, as they have proven terrifying thus far.

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Teen Wolf S05E01 Recap: Creatures of the Night


Wolf pack Teen Wolf Creatures of the NightTeen Wolf is off to a roaring start with the Season 5 premiere “Creatures of the Night.” It’s senior year for Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, and Kira, and as well as feeling the normal existential angst that comes during the last year of high school, these teens have supernatural angst to deal with. We are thrown right into the thick of it, Teen Wolf style, with senior rites of passage, exasperated parents, the return of a childhood friend, and teenage make-out sessions, along with an epic fight, an introduction to new baddies, and a preview of dark things to come. Despite the loss of Tyler Hoechlin as a series regular, Season 5 of Teen Wolf is off to a strong start with “Creatures of the Night.”

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