Teen Wolf S05E04 Recap: Condition Terminal


Chimera Bestiary Teen Wolf Terminal ConditionIn “Condition Terminal,” Teen Wolf follows up with the aftermath of Tracy’s death. It seems like increasing numbers of non-supernatural folk are learning that Beacon Hills is not your average town. Will Lydia’s mom be as excited to be a part of the “inner circle” as Mason was? More secrets are being revealed as we find out more about Deputy Parrish and his fire-proof abilities. Though we learn more about his powers, we are still left with questions about why he came to Beacon Hills and what type of supernatural creature he is. Though it’s clear to viewers, and Stiles, that Theo is bad news, it becomes evident that he has some kind of relationship with the Dread Doctors. The purpose of the Dread Doctors remains a mystery, though their presence has become known. With twists and turns, Teen Wolf gives us an episode with non-stop excitement in “Condition Terminal.”

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