Wayward Pines S01E10 Recap: Cycle


Theresa Ben Amy hospital Wayward Pines CycleWayward Pines gives us an exciting season finale with “Cycle,” including an ending that leaves the series open for the possibility of being renewed. Once the secret of Wayward Pines became known in Season 5, the series opened up and became increasingly engaging. Some of the characters still act in unbelievable and impulsive ways, but over the course of the series we’ve become more invested in them.

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Wayward Pines S01E08 Recap: The Friendliest Place on Earth


Ethan Burke David Pilcher Wayward Pines The Friendlest Place on EarthIn “The Friendliest Place on Earth,” Wayward Pines shows us the beginning of the end. As things start to unravel, it’s not clear if we should anticipate an end to the insurgency, an end to David Pilcher’s authoritarian regime, or an end to the town of Wayward Pines. But something’s got to change, and Wayward Pines stands on the precipice.

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