Supernatural Season 12 Finale Points to the Past and the Future

Sam Castiel Dean Supernatural All Along the WatchtowerAfter a satisfactory Season 12 of Supernatural, we get a two-part season finale that far exceeds expectations. This was certainly the most improved finale event in terms of the hit-or-misses we’ve seen over the years. In an unusual move, Supernatural gave us Episode 22, “Who We Are,” and Episode 23, “All Along the Watchtower,” on the same night. Was it a network decision driven by timing, or a storytelling choice to give us these two excellent episodes together for the Season 12 finale? Either way, it worked.

Jody Sam Supernatural Who We AreThough there may not have been a lot of standout episodes in Season 12 (“Stuck in the Middle with You” being the most obvious exception), the writers are killing it this season with references to earlier episodes and seasons of Supernatural. “Who We Are” has some great callbacks to “Dark Side of the Moon” when Walt and Roy join the boys in an assault on the British Men of Letters, as well as a scene that recalls Dean’s memory of his mother when the boys were in Heaven. “All Along the Watchtower” not only gives us the Bobby Singer sighting we’ve been waiting for all season, but a terrifying Lucifer and an alternative reality that hearkens back to Season 5 as well. When they learn there’s a tear in space and time leading to an alternate reality, Sam references the “bizzaro world” from the meta-episode “The French Mistake.” We love the shoutouts to the past, especially references to the Kripke era, but fear it’s an indication that the series could be coming to an end soon.

Supernatural gave us exciting highs and lows with two action-packed and emotional episodes of television. “Who We Are” resolved the British Men of Letters narrative, while “All Along the Watchtower” reunited all our favorites for the birth of Lucifer’s child. Supernatural managed to wrap up Season 12 in dramatic fashion, while leaving us a lot to look forward to in Season 13. Let’s hope it won’t be the last season finale we have to look forward to.

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