Supernatural S11E18 Review: Hell’s Angel


Sam Dean 2 Supernatural Hell's AngelIn “Hell’s Angel,” Lucifer and Amara lay plans to battle for Heaven and Earth. Dean is more focused on battling for Castiel. In true Supernatural style, the Winchesters work with their sworn enemies in order to defeat even bigger baddies. Do these guys have any allies left who aren’t evil? Oh, yeah, there was that one angel, but he seems to have developed Stockholm syndrome. As we head to the final episodes in Season 11, Supernatural reveals that Amara may be just this side of impossible to defeat, even for God’s most rebellious archangel. The boys may need to find themselves a higher power. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S06E16 Recap: Last Day on Earth


Negan The Walking Dead The Last Day on EarthThe Walking Dead gives us suspense, drama, and great acting in the Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth,” but not a whole lot of closure. Rick and a crew leave Alexandria in order to get Maggie to the Hilltop to see the doctor. The trip doesn’t go quite as planned. We finally meet the dreaded Negan, who is played with great prowess by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The others deal with the Saviors, and Carol and Morgan follow their own journey. Continue reading

The Walking Dead S06E16 Review: Last Day on Earth


walker chain The Walking Dead The Last Day on EarthThe Walking Dead gives us a spectacular introduction to Negan in the Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth.” In typical The Walking Dead fashion, we’re left with a dramatic cliffhanger. Must be they’re worried people won’t keep watching the most popular show on cable TV during Season 7. That strategy may backfire. Continue reading

Letter to The Walking Dead: What’s the Deal with Last Day on Earth?


Dear Walking Dead medDear Walking Dead,

We just watched The Walking Dead Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth.” And we’re feeling more than a little frustrated with your shenanigans. Did we like the episode? Sure. Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan have an amazing entrance? Well, that goes without saying. Did we love seeing Morgan and Carol being rescued by the chivalrous padding-clad horseman? Without a doubt. Then, why are we feeling so down? You know why. You left us hanging with a cliffhanger. Again. Like you always do.

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