3 Supernatural Web Series that Will Leave You Laughing

ghost ghirls web series 2Unless you live in a internet-free zone, you are probably familiar with the ‘web series’ format of storytelling. There are lots of great web series out there, but we have a special place in our hearts for supernatural web series, especially if they are funny. It’s such a great medium, we wanted to share some of the best supernatural web series we have seen of late. The proliferation of web series on the internet has brought amazing writers, actors, and filmmakers to the tiny screen to showcase their talents. Some get their start on the web, while others take to cyberspace later in their careers when they realize what a relevant and exciting platform it is. The web series approach is a great vehicle for comic series in particular. We love nothing more than a comedy series with a paranormal theme. Check out these three hilarious web series about the supernatural.

Gary Saves the Graveyard [UCB Comedy]

Jim Santangeli stars as Gary, a graveyard caretaker who finds that as well as raking the leaves and mowing the grass, his responsibilities include dealing with the shenanigans of the 235 reainimated corpses who awaken every night to play ping pong and do jigsaw puzzles. One of the corpses in the graveyard is his best friend, Andy, who was killed in high school. After being bored in the cemetery for 20 years, Andy tries to get Gary involved in some neighborhood hijinks. Watch the five episodes of this web series on YouTube.

Ghost Ghirls [Yahoo Screen]

Ghost Ghirls is a comedic web series about best friends Heidi and Angelica who work as paranormal investigators. The hilarious duo solves supernatural cases, with blunders and stumbles along the way. The 12-episode web series is produced by Jack Black and created by Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci, who star as Heidi and Angelica, and Jeremy Konner. Ghost Ghirls boasts a parade of celebrity guest stars, including Black, Molly Shannon, Jason Schwartzman, Dave Grohl, Val Kilmer, and Jake Johnson. Web episodes can be watched on YouTube and Yahoo Screen.

Ghostfacers: The Case of the Showcase Slasherface [CW]

Ghostfacers is a comical web series about a group of paranormal investigators. Harry Spengler (Travis Wester) and Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley) originally appeared in the Supernatural episode “Hell House” in 2006, in which they investigated reports of a haunting for their website, Hell Hounds’ Lair. Harry and Ed returned with a team of paranormal investigators, calling themselves “Ghostfacers,” in the hilarious and frightening 2008 Supernatural episode of the same name. The Ghostfacers were such a hit, the CW created a Ghostfacers web series, titled The Case of the Showcase Slasherface, with 10 episodes. The web series is filmed in a mockumentary style and follows the team as they investigate a haunting. Though the series can no longer be found on CW, it can still be viewed in its totality on vimeo.

What’s the best supernatural web series you have seen? Let us know what other supernatural web series you love!

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