5 Supernatural Shorts

werewolves pix grungeDo you love the supernatural, but have a short attention span? We can relate. There are lots of fantastic short films and videos with a supernatural theme available on the internet. Some are seriously spooky, while others are hilariously fun to watch. Some of our favorite short films about the occult available right now include: WerewolvesBundle of Nerves, FrancisDji Death Fails, and The Vashata Nerada: A Shadowplay. Who can’t take five minutes out of their day for a little paranormal activity?

Werewolves  [Geek & Sundry]

The short video Werewolves includes comedic actors Felicia Day (Supernatural and a billion other things), Kate Micucci (Raising Hope), and Jeff Lewis (The Guild) A seer is murdered by a werewolf, increasing the urgency of determining the identity of the werewolf. This short video packs in a lot of humor in five minutes: “It’s a bloodlust. It makes me forgetful.” Written by Kevin Tenglin and Eric Kissack, Werewolves was produced as part of Geek & Sundry’s Halloweek. Length: 5:37. 

Bundle of Nerves  [BlackBoxTV]

This hilarious short was created by Ryan Spindell and presented on BlackBoxTV, a YouTube channel that specializes in thriller, sci-fi, and horror shorts. Bundle of Nerves is about two police officers, Luke and Carl, who are constantly responding to supernatural calls. They are like a poor man’s Winchesters, but with real badges.

Carl: “You know what I would love? Something normal.”
Luke: “Normal?”
Carl: “Yeah, normal. A noise complaint, or a speeding ticket, some punk kid with a fake ID at the stop and save.”
Luke: “Yeah or a cat caught in a tree.”
Carl: “Yeah a cat caught in a tree. I would kill for a cat in a tree.”
Luke: “But it’s got be a non-reanimated cat.”
Carl: “That’s a good point.”

Imagine what the police force in Sunnydale would have to face with no Buffy around. As they deal with the paranormal, they talk about their lives and their real fears. The whole thing is fantastically funny and clever. Length: 5:31.

 Francis  [Not To Scale]

Francis is a spooky story about a camping trip to Quetico Park in Ontario, Canada. It was written by novelist Dave Eggers for the radio show This American Life. Director Richard Hickey turned the story of a strange experience in a rowboat in the middle of a lake into a beautifully animated film. It’s enchanting to watch, with a lovely soundtrack and rich narration. Francis has been shown at the Cannes and Raindance Film Festivals. Length: 7:11.

Dji. Death Falls  [Simpals]

Dji. Death Fails comes out of the Moldovian animation studio Simpals and is directed by Dmirtri Voloshin. In this animated short, Death does not seem to be having a good day as he repeatedly fails to take the soul of a dying trucker. Watching Death continuously bungle the job is hilarious, and the short is expertly animated. Who doesn’t enjoy a laugh at Death’s expense? Length: 3:56.

The Vashata Nerada: A Shadowplay  [Geek & Sundry]

This video was originally created by the 2brokegeeks team and was included in Geek & Sundry’s Halloweek. It uses shadow puppets to tell a story of the Vashata Nerada. The Vashata Nerada are creatures that appeared (as much as the Vashata Nerada can appear) in the Doctor Who episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead.” In large numbers, a Vashata Nerada swarm can strip a person down to bare bones. The Vashta Nerada live in darkness and mimic shadows to get close to their prey. Using shadow puppets to create a video short is a great way to showcase the frightening Vashata Nerada. Shadow puppets are cool! Length: 4:39.

If you haven’t watched many shorts, you clearly haven’t been using the internet enough. So, get on it! See what else out there that is short, supernatural, and spooky, and tell us about it.

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