Doctor Who S09E02 Recap: The Witch’s Familiar


Clara Missy Doctor Who The Witchs Familiar“The Witch’s Familiar” had a tough act to follow after Doctor Who’s exciting Season 9 premiere “The Magician’s Apprentice.” Extending this opening story into two episodes gave us a riveting first episode with an epic feel, followed by a thoughtful yet fun second episode. “The Witch’s Familiar,” wasn’t as strong as the first episode because the conclusion to the story followed a more convoluted path than was necessary, but it was fun to watch Missy lead Clara by the nose and Davros feign regret. “The Witch’s Familiar” gave us two fascinating duos with Missy and Clara engaged in a comedic buddy story, while the Doctor and Davros have a philosophical discussion.

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Doctor Who S09E01 Recap: The Magician’s Apprentice


Handmines long Doctor Who The Magician's Apprentice

In the opening episode of Season 9, “The Magician’s Apprentice,” Doctor Who reminds us that though he is a fearsome and dangerous opponent, that best part of the Doctor is his compassion. He may not exactly be a man of peace, but he is man that, at his best, finds the good in others. In the prologue to Season 9, the Doctor says, “An enemy’s just a friend you don’t really know yet.” The Doctor has lost many friends and loved ones over the course of his long life, and at the same time he has battled some of his foes for more than a millennium. In “The Magician’s Apprentice” we learn that being a Time Lord makes for some very complex relationships.

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Doctor Who: Prologue to Season 9 and The Doctor’s Meditation Prequel


Three hours Doctor Who The Doctor's MediationDoctor Who Season 9 premieres tonight on BBC One and BBC America. Through earlier Doctor Who preview trailers we’ve been given a taste of what to expect in Season 9. We’re excited to see both old and new villains in the new series. Missy is also returning, and it will be interesting to see how much she is a villain and how much she is a friend to the Doctor. The Master has always been skilled at being both. Steven Moffat has whet our appetites with both a prologue to the season and a longer prequel called “The Doctor’s Meditation.” We might be getting a bit spoiled with all these fun Doctor Who extras.

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Doctor Who: What to Expect in Season 9


series-9-promo-clara-doctor-artThe 9th season of Doctor Who premieres on September 19th. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman return as the Doctor and companion Clara Oswald. The fascinating dynamic between the Master/Missy and the Doctor will continue in Season 9, with Michelle Gomez returning for the series. We’re still reeling from her maniacal reveal in “Dark Water” and can’t wait to see what Missy will bring in Season 9.

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Doctor Who: Season 9 trailer reveals old and new villains


TARDIS Doctor Who Magician's Apprentice narrow

Season 9 of Doctor Who will include classic Doctor Who aliens such as the Daleks and Zygons, while also giving viewers some fun twists with a highway man, Vikings, ghosts, mercenary robots, creatures with eyes on their hands, and even a Dragon! It has also been reported that the Judoon and the Hath from The Doctor’s Daughter will also make a cameo. In an interview Peter Capaldi noted “There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that. Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotional ambitions.”

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Doctor Who Book Review: Only Human


Doctor Who only human 2013Written by: Gareth Roberts
Release: 2005
Reprinted in 2013 to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
Publisher: BBC Books Edition
Paperback: 240 pages
Available as a kindle ebook and an unabridged Audible Audiobook from Amazon.


Only Human is a story about the Ninth Doctor,  featuring companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness. The tale starts out in modern-day Bromley, where a Neanderthal man, Das, finds himself at a fancy dress party. The Doctor and Rose travel back to the Paleolithic Era to find the time-travel source, while Captain Jack Harkness tries to help Das adjust to the modern world. The Doctor and Rose find advanced humans studying groups of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. As they seek to understand the mysteries of the advanced humans, it becomes evident there is a non-human threat as well. Continue reading

Doctor Who Christmas Special Recap: Last Christmas

FC and his elves arrive 2 pix watercolor

Who did you expect? The Easter Bunny?

As the holidays drew near, we began to wonder what this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special would bring. Even the name of this year’s special, “Last Christmas,” helped get us in the holiday spirit. Enjoying an episode of Doctor Who after Christmas dinner has become a regular tradition, with this year being the 10th special. There have been a lot of good Christmas specials, which we recently ranked in “Doctor Who: Christmas Specials from Best to Worst.” After seeing Santa appear in the TARDIS at the end of the last episode of this season, “Death in Heaven” (S08E12), the anticipation for “Last Christmas” was high.

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Doctor Puppet Christmas Special: The Planet that Came for Christmas


Doctor Puppet

As December 25 rolls around, we look forward to waking up early, opening presents, enjoying a delicious meal, and then watching the Doctor Who Christmas special, “Last Christmas,” with family and friends. The Doctor Who Christmas special, now in its 10th year, has become an institution, but a new tradition has emerged – the Doctor Puppet Christmas Special. Doctor Puppet was created by Alisa Stern and now she and her team regularly entertain us with Doctor Puppet episodes. This year they have created a fantastic short called The Planet that Came for Christmas, in which the Twelfth Doctor and companion Clara travel to a planet that only appears once a year – on Christmas Day. What they find provides the viewer with that spooky holiday spirit that we love.

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Doctor Who: Christmas Specials from Best to Worst


FC and his elves arrive 2 pix watercolor

The Doctor Who Christmas special “Last Christmas” will show at 6:15pm on BBC One and 9:00pm ET on BBC America on December 25. It will mark the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who Christmas special. The convention of having a episode on Christmas Day was started in 2005, with the new series of Doctor Who, and has grown increasingly popular. They are set during the holidays, always involve snow, and, unless the Doctor has just regenerated, they often end with the Doctor standing outside the TARDIS being asked to come to Christmas dinner.

We have enjoyed all of the Doctor Who Christmas episodes so far, but we have certainly enjoyed some more than others. Part of ranking these specials is to understand they are not just regular episodes. They are watched on Christmas Day, with family and friends, to a larger than normal audience. On such a day we expect the Doctor to do more than be heroic, clever, and funny—he should also make us more merry. The storyline, performance, and engagement are important considerations, but holiday spirit is key when ranking the Doctor Who Christmas specials.

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Doctor Who S08E12 Recap: Death in Heaven


Doctor Who - Death in Heaven

The two-part season finale of Doctor Who brings excitement, but also sadness that we won’t be seeing any new episodes until Christmas. The reveal from the first half of the season finale that Missy is the Master was shocking, and we wanted to tell everyone we know, whether they watch Doctor Who or not. As Death in Heaven begins, our excitement is mixed with sadness as we are reminded about Danny’s death. Somehow it feels like we may not get the happy ending that we normally crave. We are focusing our idealistic hope on the Ninth Doctor’s exclamation, “Just this once, everybody lives!” (S01E10).

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