Supernatural S15E20 Review: Carry On

Sam and Dean Winchester

Supernatural comes to a close with a moving finale that feels familiar while still managing to be unexpected and suspenseful. Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester, and Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, take a very good story and make a great series finale. Just as it was in the beginning of Supernatural, “Carry On” is a story of two brothers and what’s meaningful to them—saving people, hunting things, and family.

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Supernatural: Our favorite props from our favorite series

The richness of Rocky’s Bar

“God is in the details” refers to the little things. It’s the tiny minutiae of detail that creates something beautiful. Whether it’s God, the devil, or the Winchesters in the details, the CW series Supernatural certainly proves that paying attention to the finer points yields striking results. Since the onset of the series in 2005, there’s been plenty of opportunity to showcase supernatural objects, texts, and weapons. And Chuck knows, no television series puts as much effort into the details as Supernatural.

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