Teen Wolf S06E10 Recap: Riders on the Storm

lydia-scott-malia-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormJust in case we weren’t already feeling sad enough that this is the last season of Teen Wolf, they go ahead and crush it with the fantastic winter finale “Riders on the Storm.” Way to cap off what has been a pretty amazing season, Teen Wolf. There was action, gore, romance, nostalgia, humor, and some of the hardcore emotional bromance that we love in Teen Wolf. What we’re trying to say is that “Riders on the Storm” was good … real good.

There’s a lot going on in “Riders on the Storm,” so try to keep up.

Station 1: Highway to Hell

In train station oblivion, we get the emotional Stilinski reunion we’d been hoping for, celebrated Sheriff-style with a gunshot in the air. The family get-together is interrupted by gatecrashing Ghost Riders. The Sheriff stays in oblivion so Stiles can find Lydia. Much to Lydia’s disappointment, Stiles doesn’t emerge from the tunnel. Instead, Stiles appears in his jeep. Let’s hope he left a cell phone somewhere in there.

arrivals-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormMeanwhile, at the hospital, Liam emerges from the elevator that Theo pushed him into for safety while seemingly sacrificing himself. With that chiseled look, we always knew Theo was bound for redemption; it was Liam who seemed surprised. He is further shocked to find that the hospital has developed a train station display, signaling that the next stop is Beacon Hills. Liam finds Scott and shows his pack leader the train tracks running through Beacon Hills. Sure, having a train track to oblivion running through town is convenient, but weird.

hellhound-parrish-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormMr. Douglas appears, with Hellhound Parrish for security. Before Mr. Douglas can make a speech about liebestraum, Stiles hits him in the head with a bat. Thank god. We know our favorite quipster is back when he asks, “Bad guy, right? I didn’t misread that?” After their bromantic reunion, they still have a hellhound glowing with psychedelic colors to deal with. Stiles finds liquid nitrogen to cool him down. Once he’s become himself again, Parrish tells Scott, “Douglas, he’s merging the train station so the ghost riders can cross over.” Scott can’t stop the train, but he can divert it.

scott-stiles-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormScott and Stiles want to follow the tracks to find a diverter, but Liam believes they need to find Corey in order to move between the worlds. Liam takes off and Stiles asks, “Were we ever like that?” They aren’t sure which direction to follow the tracks in, but the boys haven’t lost their sense of humor.

Stiles: “You want to split up?”
Scott: “Never again.”
Stiles: “Thank god.”

scott-and-stiles-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormThey find the diverter, but just as they do Mr. Douglas finds them. Nothing’s easy for these boys. He uses the whip to make them disappear into green clouds. Does this send them officially to train station oblivion? But what does that mean when Beacon Hills has merged with the train station? Does it matter if you’ve been sent into green oblivion when you end up right back in Beacon Hills? This merging of two planes makes our heads hurt.

Mr. Douglas’s motivation remains a bit underdeveloped, but we can live with it because he is pretty evil. We are able to accept that he wants a supernatural army just because it’s just the kind of thing any Nazi werewolf who was trapped in a specimen jar for decades would desire. Though we’re still not sure how sending all the townsfolk of Beacon Hills into the Wild Hunt helps secure him the army. Maybe they replace the existing Ghost Rider army. We’re not sure, but his plan is clearly evil, and that’s good enough for us.

theo-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormAt the school, Liam gets into a little trouble with a Ghost Rider. Liam is once again rescued by Theo—who, by the way, is still alive. Theo fends off a Ghost Rider while Liam jumps on the rider’s spectral horse and heads towards train station oblivion. We’re a little worried Liam could get burnt up, but he doesn’t seem to be stressed, so we’ll assume that only happens when you exit the train station. Or else maybe Liam dies this episode (Spoiler alert: all our beloved characters survive).

Station 2: Library of Doom

library-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormMalia and Lydia have ignored Scott’s directive to stay in the Argent bunker and have left to find Stiles. They don’t need Scott to tell them what to do; they have feelings to guide them. Lady-feelings. They arrive at the school library to find it’s merged with the train station and is full of insensible townfolk. Malia and Lydia want to wake the masses and lead them out so they don’t get on the train. Lydia points out Peter Hale, suggesting Malia try to snap him out of it.

Lydia: “The only way we were able to break through the Hunt is with an emotional connection.”
Malia: “Dang. Wish I could help. … I’m not saying it. I’m not saying it.”
Lydia: “Okay, well, I guess everyone dies.”

malia-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormEventually, Malia gives in and Peter responds when she calls him Dad. The moment is more comical than heartwarming, because Malia is clearly the funniest character on Teen Wolf (Stiles lost the title after being so serious last season).

The Ghost Riders come for them. The theory that the Ghost Riders are afraid of banshees is put to the test, but the results are inconclusive. Peter eventually steps in to save his daughter and the girl he once used to return from the dead. We’re kind of confused about the Ghost Riders’ powers over humans already relegated to train station oblivion. We’ve never seen them actually kill anyone, just send them to the train station. So what can they do to people already in the train station? Lydia and Malia manage to escape the library of doom. Peter may be acting a bit heroic for the sake of his daughter, but he’ll always be a villain to us.

Tunnel of Love

The town of Beacon Hills has become integrated with train station oblivion. And it’s dark. We won’t lie—we can’t tell where these kids are half the time. The library, school, hospital, Argent bunker, the woods—it all starts to look alike as Beacon Hill merges with the train station. We figure out Scott and Stiles are at the school because Stiles tells Scott, “I finally saw the girls’ locker room. It’s not that different. It’s kinda disappointing.” This was the first season we saw the girls’ lock room too. Hold the phone! Is Teen Wolf using self-referential humor after all these seasons? Let’s hope they take a cue from Supernatural and go full meta in season 6B.

scott-lydia-kiss-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormThe Ghost Riders are after Stiles. We’re still wondering if they can actually kill anyone. Or will their victims just get transported to a different part of the train station? Stiles is about to get shot when a banshee scream knocks the Ghost Rider out. Lydia runs to Stiles, calling out, “I didn’t say it back.” The newly confident Stiles responds, “You didn’t have to.” Then they snog. Somehow, we were totally unprepared for that. No awkwardness or uncertainty, suddenly it’s just on. Teen Wolf moves fast. Well, actually really, really slow, for like five and half seasons, and then suddenly super fast. But that’s what makes this show exciting. Teen Wolf doesn’t give us time to sit around and wonder why Lydia’s feelings have changed so quickly or if they even have good chemistry. Instead, we just watch with mouths agape, enjoying every second of it.

Chris Argent and Melissa McCall are trying to find their own escape from the Ghost Riders. When one shows up, Argent (that’s what Mrs. McCall calls him) manages to take its gun during their struggle, and shoots it dead. Where do Ghost Riders go after being shot with their own guns? So many metaphysical questions in this episode of Teen Wolf.

melssia-mccall-chris-argent-2-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormMr. Argent then has a Western-style shootout with the next Ghost Rider, which is kind of awesome. Mrs. McCall thinks it’s hot, and suddenly she’s kissing Mr. Argent. What? Teen Wolf is blowing our minds tonight! Before we can waste time thinking about what could have been with Scott and Allison or between Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinksi, Teen Wolf continues its fast-paced story.

After being reunited with Lydia, the Ghost Riders try to distract Stiles with his fake mom. We see her real Ghost Rider face and wonder if Sheriff Stilinski got with that. Before we have too much time to think about it, the Mrs. Stilinski Ghost Rider grabs Stiles and looks like it might kill him (though we’re still not convinced they can actually kill people). Sheriff Stilinski comes to his son’s rescue, shooting bullets into the Rider. It taunts, “Noah, your bullets can’t hurt me.” Lydia tells the Sheriff to fire again and she screams a banshee wail, killing the Mrs. Stilinski Ghost Rider. Good riddance, we say.

The Station Master

hayden-liam-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormWhile all this has been going on, Mason and Hayden have been tracking down Corey, who has been making announcements about when the train will arrive. Liam arrives at train station oblivion on horseback. He makes out with Hayden for a minute, says hi to Mason, and then joins the search for Corey.

They follow the wires and find Corey in a room by himself. He is trapped and full of tubes. Even though he’s probably used to it from the Dread Doctors’ experiments, it looks pretty gory. corey-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormMason and Hayden want to de-tube him, but Liam stops them from relieving Corey’s suffering. Liam insists they can’t detach Corey until after Scott switches the diverter. He tells Hayden and Mason, “If we stop the merging, Scott won’t be able to find the diverter.” We’re not sure how Liam knows this or why Corey being wired in causes the merging, but we’ll go along because it gives the always entertaining Mason some kind of role in the winter finale.

Corey: “You have to try to save everyone.”
Mason: “How do we save you?”

Station 3: The Haunted Forest

ghost-rider-surrounded-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormScott is back at the train diverter in the woods. We’re not sure how he got there, but does it really matter? Mr. Douglas is there too, along with his Ghost Rider army. Just in case we forgot that Mr. Douglas was a Nazi and overall bad guy, Mr. Douglas taunts Scott, telling him he would’ve made a good Nazi youth. Scott tells Mr. Douglas that he’s going to get to the diverter and puts on his game face. Mr. Douglas warns Scott that he should know what happens to a lone wolf. But then a series of people pop out from behind a tree.

Theo: “He’s not alone. He’s got a pack.
Malia; “And Theo’s not in it. But I am.”
Peter: I’m not in the pack, but no one likes a Nazi.”

Teen Wolf is killing it tonight. Not only does “Riders on the Storm” have action and romance, it’s got hilarious dialogue. There’s a big fight scene, which ends when Scott uses one of the riders’ whips to divert the train. After the train of the Wild Hunt races by, Malia taunts, “You missed your train.” Mr. Douglas is one unhappy Nazi werewolf, and the Ghost Riders surround Malia, Scott, Theo, and Peter.

ghost-rider-douglas-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormNow that the train has been diverted, Mason, Theo, and Hayden begin to unplug Corey, unmerging Beacon Hills from train station oblivion. Now that the train has passed and the train station has been unmerged, the Wild Hunt is ready to move on. When signs of the storm approach, the Riders walk off. Mr. Douglas tries to tell them to return with a bunch of German commands, but they aren’t into following orders. It’s not clear why they seemed to listen to him before, but not now, but we’ll assume it has something to do with the unmerging. After Mr. Douglas tries to boss around the Ghost Riders, they turn him into one of them. Then they all disappear into the storm.

There’s No Place Like Home

stiles-malia-lydia-scott-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormAll of a sudden everyone is back, as though they never left, and luckily it appears that only the supernatural crew remembers anything. Parrish and the Sherrif are at the Sheriff’s station. Argent, Melissa, and Mason wheel Corey into the hospital, where Melissa plans to use the 9 herbs to cure him. Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Stiles find themselves in the last high school class they will ever take, except Malia who has to take summer school to graduate. Stiles isn’t ready for it to be over and neither are we. Scott feels like nothing’s really changed, but Stiles looks towards Lydia says, “Everything’s changed.”

stiles-liam-mason-scott-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormScott and Stiles meet Liam and Mason in the parking lot. Stiles has some words of advice for the new Alpha-in-training, even though Liam reminds Stiles he can’t be an alpha unless he kills another Alpha. Stiles tells Liam, “Since you’re taking over, the most important thing to remember is that Mason is always going to be the one to save your ass all the time,” and he gives him his bat. We’re loving these little references to the past. Or are they hints about the future? Yeah, we’ll go with the past.

So much for Stiles plan for Scott, Lydia, Malia, and himself to live together. It might be kinda awkward now, anyways. Stiles is going to George Washington University, Scott is heading to UC Davis, while Lydia will start at MIT as a Junior.

Stiles: “Well, I guess we’re not the same kids running around the woods looking for a body.”
Scott: “No, we’re not.”

stiles-scott-school-teen-wolf-riders-on-the-stormThey boys share keys and some emotional words. When Stiles turns on the Jeep, the police scanner has Sheriff Stilinski asking a deputy, “You’re telling me there’s a body in the woods?” These references to the pilot, create a terrific end to the winter finale for Teen Wolf.

“Riders on the Storm” was a fantastic finale. Let’s hope Teen Wolf doesn’t screw it up this summer. With such a blockbuster season, Teen Wolf is making us miss them already.

4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S06E10 Recap: Riders on the Storm

  1. Oh, Stiles 🙂
    No powers (I really thought something would have come out of the “spark” thing), heartache, getting beat up (by fearsome creatures, no less), possession, having to deal with this shade of his Mom appearing etc and still throwing himself into the fray… he’s got heart, that kid.

    Lots of slo-mo and kisses this episode!
    I do not blame Mrs. McCall one bit lol
    She and Chris Argent have chemistry.

    I wish the writing was tighter and the ending felt so weird (to me) because of the underdeveloped “Stydia” relationship.

    When they showed the Jeep on the road I got such a sense of foreboding… how long must we wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m curious as well!
    Especially as I really thought something was going to happen on the road at the end.

    Yeah; I really hope DOB was able to be a big part of the rest of the season.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I saw posts on IG that Hoechlin was on set… don’t know if it’s true and, if so, if he was filming. More suspense lol


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